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  • Home Improvement Service December 22, 2017 Posted in: Home Improvement

    If your house has suffered a number of natural calamities, then getting your home fixed is something that is inevitable and something that should not be taken lightly of. Look into hiring companies such as Benton Arboriculture for all your tree surgeon needs. Whatever reason you have for having home improvements whether for aesthetics, security or investment, it is important to have it planned well beforehand in order to get the best out of the home improvement services you are planning to have. On top of that, if their employees haven’t passed basic DBS checks, we’d recommend to steer clear.

    No matter how big or small your home improvement task will be, using a top home improvement service is the smartest way to improve your home. Whether you want to add a fence, fix or change you roof system, or planning on building a garage attached to your house, these tasks can be trusted with a reputable home improvement contractors who are well trained at fixing, adding installments, carpentry, floor planning and remodeling the interior or exterior of your home.

    Addition of rooms takes a lot of work when it comes to the carpentry. An insured contractor that has a lot of experience on carpentry and room addition will save you a lot of money and will deliver you a better finished work. You can be assured that work will be done fast but with a professional touch. Licensed improvement contractors do not leave any room unfinished or exposed to elements during the process and they work fast.

    Most part of the house that usually gets renovated is the kitchen. Improving the kitchen of your home can range from adding or changing the countertops, adding new appliances, installing stove that is directly attached to the countertop, to adding cabinets and even flooring. Having your kitchen remodeled makes a large difference for the interior of your home. Having a better looking and functional kitchen provides more usability of the kitchen  since most of the kitchens that are remodeled are made larger and functional. If you love cooking, then you might want to consider remodeling your kitchen.

    There are a lot of home improvement projects that you can do to your home as long as your budget and space permits. A top home improvement contractor will be very experienced at finishing any home improvements you desire like additional spaces, basements and even attics alike. The possibilities that you can work with a good home improvement service provider are endless. You can even add additional bedrooms, a theatre room, even a pool outside your home, the list goes on.

    Home improvement services are not only limited to building or adding interior spaces at home. The services can also include a lot of repair work as well. For instance, having a new roof installed or patch work to prevent leaks on pipeworks and gutter line, or maybe a new lock and key system from Fast Keys to ensure your  home stays safe and secure. Some even provide landscaping services for the exterior of your home.

    As long as you choose the right professional company that provides complet home improvement services, remodelling and improving your home can go along with any budget and work that the homeowner have. If you are planning to sell hyour home in the future it is practical to add more features to your home so you can also raise the value of your home.

  • Top tips for Wedding Gifts October 1, 2017 Posted in: Tips & Advice

    Shopping for the right kind of wedding gift can be really tedious and monotonous at times however you should ensure that you should buy a gift that should be well accepted by the couple. Here are some suggestions and tips for buying wedding gifts.

    The basics of choosing a wedding gift

    Traditional kind of wedding gifts from store are becoming rare, as couples tend to set their new home before they actually marry. There are various kinds of alternative wedding gifts that you can choose from various online stores as well. You can choose from gifts that are useful and required for your regular life. That may comprise of classic white utensils and towels, accessories, or shabby chic furniture that are available in various online stores. These kinds of wedding gifts can be useful and at the same time affordable as well.

    Blue keepsake gifts

    Blue keepsake gifts are one of the best gifts that can be presented to the bride before the ceremony. These gifts are available at crystal Swarovski. These are some of the most stunning gifts that can be worn by the bride in her bridal wear as well. They can be worn as a necklace, in the hair and in other places as well it can also be clipped onto the bridal dress. Personalized jewelry can work really well with bridal gifts. They can be worn on a regular basis.

    Furniture and accessories

    If the bride and groom are settling for a new house, then try giving them some contemporary and chic furniture. There are various online stores and shabby chic furniture can be seen here in different ranges, styles, designs and ideas. You can either try out furniture for the bedroom, living room kitchen as well as various other parts of your home. Small tables and benches with a mahogany finish would look good as a wedding present.

    Green wedding gifts

    Not all wedding gifts need to comprise of accessories, jewelleries and furniture. You can make a wedding much more greener and eco friendly depending on your budget. Choose a location that involves less travelling and has a recycling policy. Avoid all kinds of activities that involve burning less fuel and do not have any kind of pollution. Also ask for wedding gifts that are available from recycled sources and decorate more with flowers and greenery. Choose organic and locally produced ingredients for your wedding food as well.

    If you are planning to choose a good wedding ring then try finding rings that have been mined either in Canada or a fair trade location. You can also choose from a man made gemstone. Recycled gold is also a great option for an eco friendly wedding gift. You can also try out from framed mirrors that have a slender and classic frame with minimal details. You can try out silver or pewter, which is the color of the season.

    Here are some interesting wedding gift ideas that you can try giving to the couple and you can be sure that they would simply love it.

    Wedding Gifts

  • Renting vs Buying a Property September 27, 2017 Posted in: Home Improvement, Tips & Advice

    When it comes to making a choice between buying a house and renting one, it has always been one of the challenging and most difficult financial decisions to be taken by any prospective buyer or renter. Let us have a look at the pros and cons of both and make a decision. However before we jump in, if you finish this article and are still unsure, consider Global Guardians as a new approach to living.

    What are the advantages of renting?

    Before you conclude your decision of buying or renting a house, you should definitely consider the advantages of a rental property. The first thing that pops up is that it is easier to find in the market and can be negotiated with the price rate as well. Furthermore, the initial investment is no doubt lower than a property that is on sale. You don’t have to go through the complicated and complex loan and mortgage applications and you don’t have to be bothered about the property tax as well.

    Disadvantages of renting

    If you have decided to go for a rental property instead of buying one, you have to live in a property where you have no rights of ownership. You have to live in terms of the owner as long as it falls under the rental law. You don’t have the right to make any modifications and changes in the property as per your convenience. You have to pay a certain amount of money every month for staying in a house or an apartment owned by someone else. Don’t you think the same amount can be used for paying mortgages that you have taken for buying your very own property?

    Benefits of owning your own house

    There are several benefits to home ownership.

    • Once you are successful in paying off the mortgage, the property completely becomes yours and in years down the line, it becomes more than if you pay for it.
    • You can change anything and add anything, such as a current transformer, to your home without having to get permission from the homeowner
    • You can invest in Secondary Double Glazing in london
    • The value of your house increases over the time.
    • By the time you retire you might not have enough money to pay rent.
    • You will be surprised to know that sometimes it is often cheaper and budget-friendly to buy a house than to rent.

    What are the cons of buying?

    You have to understand that buying a house is a big financial commitment and you need to be pretty sure of the fact that you have the potential to afford it without hassles. It is important to how much it should increase. Can you afford the maintenance costs of your house? Apart from the mortgage payments, you have to make sure that you pay the property taxes and other expenses within the given time period. Also you may move in and find the previous owners didn’t take care of the property and you’ll end up hiring a company such as Crystal Clean Melbourne to restore that good as new feeling!

    Make a checklist

    Choosing whether you are willing to purchase a house or rent an apartment is a major decision as there will be an expense related to it for the coming many years. Analyse the benefits and cons of buying and renting.

    Are you confused with the whole situation of buying vs renting a property? Before you take up any decision, it is essential to make a checklist of your own condition and thereby decide for the final conclusion.

    • Do you have a steady source of income that is required for renting as well as buying a property?
    • Do you have enough money to make the down payment while you buy a house?
    • Are you in a position to get your loan approved? If you, can you afford the mortgage repayment to be made within the stipulated period.

    Depending on the above-mentioned checklists and the current market situation and your financial condition, you have to take the call whether you are good enough to buy yourself a house or wait and stay in a rented house. Get in touch with the Harlands estate agents in East London.


  • Easy DIY maintenance for your sash windows September 16, 2017 Posted in: Home Improvement, Tips & Advice

    Sash windows are one of the best-looking windows that is a mixture of contemporary and a traditional look. Sash windows can however look really good if they are well maintained. Here are a few DIY maintenance tips that you can follow for your sash windows.

    Sash windows- a mixture of culture and heritage

    Sash windows are aesthetically and functionally pleasing. They can however stand the test of time and last for a long time if they are properly maintained. Here are some simple maintenance procedures that can help to keep your windows in place for a long time.

    Testing your windows for lead paint

    It is really important to test your windows for lead paint. You can avail a self-test kit from the local paint store and this can be done with the help of a local technician. After everything is positive:

    • Remove either part of the parting bead to free the upper sash. Carefully saw through the nails with a saw so that the beads are well cleaned. Remove the upper sash very carefully and see that it is not fixed in place. A good double hang window allows the upper sash to come down. If you leave equal openings at the top and the bottom, warm air exits and cool air is drawn from below.

    Scraping away the loose glazing compound

    Now when both the sashes are absolutely free, scrape away all loose glazing substances from the exterior side. You can take the help of a heat gun. You can remove the glass if it is broken as well. Remove the glaze points and the broken glass would come out. If you find that the window has rotted, then try and remove any other soft material and use a plastic to flush all the epoxy flush. After completing the work on all your windows, the rubbish will certainly build up. So contact CJL services and get it all sorted before you regret doing it all by yourself! There are various Sash windows hackney that can be well maintained. After the epoxy has been cleared, scrap all the remaining remnants and paint both the sashes but leave all the sides unpainted.

    Replace the glass and press the glazier point

    You can replace the glass the press the glazier points to hold the glass in place. Also, remove the interior stops by unscrewing and prying. Now that the stops are totally off, the lower sash would come out. Glaze in the glass on the exterior side of the sash with glazing compounds and a glazing tool. Clean the glazing lines to get an even pressure on the tool against the glass and against the wood as well. Apply a coat of paint to the glazing after it dries up. It may take around 15 days for the glazing to dry up well. Paint the sash before applying the glazing as bare wood will suck the oil from the glazing compound and thus it may crack.

    Preparing the frame

    When your sashes are almost ready to install, prepare the frame. Try and gain access to the counterweight pocket inside the window frame. You can pass the new sash chord through the pulley and tie the end to the counterweight. The chord should be long enough so that the sash is left open. You or the window specialists can either do this.

    Sash windows require less maintenance, which can be done by you. You can however take help of a specialist for the same.

    Screen Shot 2017-10-03 at 13.56.10

  • Home Renovation Hacks June 30, 2017 Posted in: Home Improvement, Tips & Advice

    Renovating your home can be a daunting task as it is a very time-consuming process that requires a lot of thought. However, there is no reason as to why it shouldn’t be an enjoyable journey and you will be pleased to know that there are plenty of hacks out there that will allow you to have a beautifully decorated home without breaking the bank.

    Before beginning, consider these tips that will apply to any homeowner looking to renovate:

    • Budget: If you want to avoid spending a fortune on renovations, set a realistic budget and be strict. The more you plan, the less stressed you will find yourself throughout the whole process.
    • Research: Do a lot of internet research to get some inspiration on the current trends in home renovation. There are plenty of DIY videos that provide tips and techniques for just about anything you are looking for.
    • Carpet: If you have old carpet, rip it out and replace with polished floorboards. Floorboards give the illusion of a larger room and will also be far easier to maintain.

    Of course, there are a lot of obvious changes that you can make to your property such as re-painting walls, changing blinds and sprucing up the furniture. These are still good decisions to make but if you are looking to save money and stand out against other homeowners, there are a few things you can do which may not have previously crossed your mind:

    Purchase Your Own Materials

     If you liaise with a designer or look at the top home catalogues, you will soon find that your budget has gone out the window and you have a home full of fancy high-end materials. To avoid ridiculous costs, why not consider plastic alternatives? For example, acrylic and perspex sheets can be used for kitchen splashbacks that will fit tightly against your Topsco Kitchen Worktop. With such small prices and flexibility, you will not regret opting for this practical alternative that is also far safer and easy to install. Plastic sheets come in a variety of colours and will give your home that personal touch.

    Plastic sheets can also be used as studio gym mirrors, replacement windows, table tops and lawn edging from a supplier much like Cut My Plastic. Their purposes are endless and it won’t take long for you to discover that you get far more for your money since discovering cheaper materials.


    Upcycling is the process of converting old or unused materials into something more useful and appealing. This is a very good hack to know as it might make you think twice about buying brand new furniture. The possibilities are endless when it comes to upcycling and you can renovate literally anything! Upcycling helps to create a positive impact on the environment and will leave you with unique features in your home that no one else will have seen before.

    DIY Storage

    The last thing that you will want in your newly renovated property is clutter. There is no such thing as too much storage space and there are plenty of ways to create storage facilities suitable for whatever it is you may need. For example:

    • Using a spice rack to store small items such as nail polishes
    • Re-using wet wipe pots and using them to hold shopping bags
    • Organize cords using stationary clamps or hair ties
    • Using a wine rack as a towel holder or to hold items such as bags

    Take these few hacks into consideration and you will soon find yourself achieving your renovation dreams for half the costs!

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