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14 Easy Ways to Keep Your House Warm During Winter

14 Easy Ways to Keep Your House Warm During Winter

The price of energy is concerning some people, and especially now when the winter is upon us. However, even if the price of power is going up, there are still some cheap and easy ways to save money while heating your home with Spicers essex boilers. You’ve probably heard of the more expensive ones, but here are 14 tactics that pretty much everyone can afford, and that’s going to keep your house warm during the winter.

1 – Tin Foil

This is a great way of preventing the heat loss from your radiators, and especially those that have been attached to the external walls of your home. Just use some reflective aluminium fold which you are going to put behind the radiator, and you’ll avoid the disappearing of the heat through the wall. This foil is rather cheap, and you can even use the kitchen foil.

2 – Thick Curtains

This is a great protection around the windows, because the curtain is not going to allow the hot air to leave the home through small cracks on the window, or allow any cold air to come inside. You can also use this tactic for your front door, which is going to add another layer of protection from the cold.

3 – Let the Sunshine In

During the day, it is extremely important to let some sunlight inside. This is a free heat, which you should use by leaving your curtains open during the day, and closing them as soon as the sun sets.

4 – Double Glaze

This is a somewhat costly tactic, but it can be faked by placing a special film across the windows that are single glazed. It offers the same effect, and it can be done by attaching the film to the frame of the window. However, this won’t allow you to open your windows. One batch of this film can last for 2 or 3 years, making it really cheap.

5 – Chimney Loses Heat

Some people have electric fireplaces in their home that are decorative and do nothing (or turn them on!). Well, the chimneys of proper fireplaces tend to draw out the heat from your home, and you ought to block it. You can do it with a simple chimney balloon which you just place inside the hole of your chimney liner. However, just be sure not to start fires while the balloon is still in the chimney.

5 – Mini-Draughts

Mini-draughts can occur and many people don’t even know about them. They happen due to the holes in letterboxes, cat flaps or something similar, and that is why these holes ought to be blocked. You can do it with anything you find at hand, just make sure you can unblock it later, when the spring comes.

7 – DIY Draught Excluders

This is an old-school solution being used for centuries. Basically, they include the blocking of the gaps between the doors and the floor which could drag out the hot air, and allow the cold air from the outside in. Just use an old piece of cloth, and use it to cover the gap. You can even use something new if you want to make it look nice.

8 – Clear the Radiators

Make sure that the entire room has access to the radiators. This means removing any furniture that’s been blocking it and the heat that comes out of it.

9 – Put a Shelf above Radiator

This is a great way to direct the heat from the radiator towards the centre of the room. The shelf won’t allow the heat to go up, but just make sure you don’t put anything on the radiator, but above it!

10 – Close off the Unused Rooms

If there are any rooms that no one seems to be using, seal them off, and don’t open their doors until spring. This will leave you with a smaller area to heat up, meaning that you’ll get a better temperature for the same price.

11 – Carpets are Great

Make sure you cover any bare floorboards, because not doing it allows you to lose as much as 10% of your home’s heat! There is a reason why people have invented carpets, and this is precisely it – to prevent the loss of heat. So, put a carpet wherever you can; it will allow you feet to be warm, and will stop the loss of heat.

12 – Insulate the House

This might be a bit expensive, but you can also do it the cheap way by installing rolls of foam. This is how you can insulate your ceiling or loft. However, you must remember to wear some kind of a face mask and protective clothing while you’re doing this, because it could be dangerous.

13 – Check out the Loft Hatch

Having a bad loft hatch could undo all your hard work. It needs to be insulated, and you can use the very same self-adhesive strips that you have used for your doors and windows. Also, see if you have any roof tiles missing. You ought to replace them, because it would increase the heating efficiency.

14 – Timers on heating

It is important to set the timers on heating. Don’t heat your home all day long. You don’t need to do it while you’re sleeping, or while no one is home. Turn the heating on when you need the house to be warm, and turn it off when you don’t.

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