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Top Tips: Waxing Your Car At Home

Top Tips: Waxing Your Car At Home

We all want to have a nice and shiny car that looks like it has visited Whoops Wheel Fix It for alloy wheel repair, and many other treatments they have available, just like the cars that we used to see in these old classic movies where there is always a scene with a guy waxing them. Well, we can have that, and we can do it all on our own, but there are some things we need to know in order to figure out how to do it properly. So, let’s see what are the tools and supplies we need for this job, and how exactly we ought to do it.

How often should we wax the car?

This largely depends on how often you wash your car, because between the washes, a thick layer of dirt and grime could build up, and especially if you wash the car inconsistently. This grime is rather abrasive and removes the wax off the surface of the car. So, basically, if you wash the car regularly, you ought to wax them about twice a year. However, if you really want to have them shiny at all times, you can do it up to four times a year. Don’t overdo it, because you could damage the paint.

The supplies

Here are the things you’ll need in order to successfully wax your car at home: wax, masking tape, bug and tar remover, wax application pad and wipe down towels. The wax should be carefully picked; there are wax pastes and liquid waxes, so choose the one that suits you the best. The masking tape should be in color, and can be bought in home improvement stores, where they’re usually located near the paints. Bug and tar remover can be bought in any local car parts store, and the wax application pad should be made of foam or cloth, and you can use whatever you have on you for this. And finally, the wipe down towels should be microfiber ones in order to remove the wax a lot easier.

How to wax?

Basically, waxing your car isn’t that complicated. First, you ought to take some masking tape, and start applying it on the car’s plastic trims. This will help protect the plastic from the wax, which can be difficult to clean later. Then, make sure you get the wax applicator wet; rub it into the wax and start applying the wax to the surface of your car. Don’t do it in small circles like our fathers used to; the paint is much better nowadays, so you can do it in side-to-side motions. Make sure you wax your car in the shade and that you’re doing it when it’s at least 50 degrees outside in order for the wax to be set up before removal. Do it section by section, with each of them about 2 by 2 feet. Then, you just have to let the wax stay there for about a minute, and start removing it with a microfiber towel.

After this, make sure you get a clean microfiber towel, and wipe the entire car one more time to make sure you’ve got it all off. And, that’s it; you’ve successfully waxed your car at home, all by yourself.

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