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Plan for a Perfect Shower

Plan for a Perfect Shower

In order to have an amazing bathroom with the perfect shower, you won’t need a lot of money – you just need some planning. Of course, some quality products should follow, but the planning is the key to success. So, let’s see how to plan for various showers.

Tub/shower combo
This is the most widely found shower and is great because it saves space. You can use them for relaxing soap bathes or for quick showers if you’re in a hurry. You can make it even more luxurious by upgrading the tiled tub surround and the showerhead.

Shower stall
This is a stand-alone shower stall without a tub, making it perfect for any bathroom configuration. There are numerous design options here, but the problem lies in the fact that they’re expensive and require additional plumbing.

Manufactured showers
There are basic and then there are luxurious manufactured showers, and both are extremely popular. They are also dependable, because they’re made of fiberglass or tempered glass. They come in specific sizes, and that is why you should first see if you’ve got the space for them in your bathroom. Also, make sure you can get them in through your doors.

Custom showers
These come in any size or configuration. They’re made of various materials, such as porcelain, tempered glass, natural stone, ceramics, etc. You can build them above a waterproof subfloor, or even a prefabricated subfloor.

Framed /frameless
You can get either frameless or framed glassed-in showers. The metal-framed ones mostly use the thinner tempered safety panels, joined together by metal. This shower costs about 50% more, but the fact that there are no trim pieces allow the shower to be cleaned easily, and no rust will ever appear.

Store more
You need to consider adequate storage when planning a new shower. You’ll also need about 3 cubbies within the stall for all the bathing supplies.

Shower seating
This seat is usually about 18 inches high and 15 inches deep. It should also not break the minimal size of the shower interior. It is a great way to relax in the shower, and when you’re not using it, you just tilt it up.

Showerheads and fixtures
Most people choose the wall-mounted showerheads, but they are not so versatile. It would be best to choose a model that offers a range of sprays. Most people have just one showerhead, but more and more of them are getting a combination of several, for a better versatility. After you decide on this, see which spray heads would work best for you, and then find a place for them. Keep in mind that the bigger the number of showerheads, the bigger the water consumption.

These fixtures are really common and highly affordable. The models with the multispray option will allow you to adjust the water flow.

Body sprays
If you’re into vigorous showers, then you might get a shower with spray on different levels on the opposite walls. This allows for a crisscross water massage of your entire body.

These rain-style showerheads are really expensive and require some additional plumbing work, but as a result you get a soothing flow that encompasses your entire body. Thus, they’re considered the best shower head models that money can buy.

This shower allows you to hold the sprayer and direct the water wherever you want it to go. It’s great for washing your hair or rinsing off. This shower comes with a long gooseneck hose.

Shower panels
This shower allows you to get a spa in your bathroom. These panels have water jets that are arranged all the way from you knee to neck, and can easily be installed on your shower wall. These have foldout shoulder showers, handheld showers; can offer a body spray massage, while having an anti-slip foot rest.

Sliding bar
You get a handheld shower that slides up and down. It sits on a bar that’s mounted on the wall, and is great for showers in families with people of varying heights.

Water usage
Today’s showers use far less water than allowed by a legal standard. Also, the spray option make a huge difference as well, because they use far less water. Aerated showers use much less as well, because they mix air with water.

Ceiling flush
If you get a bath faucet mounted on the ceiling, you will not have a flow restriction, like you would with a ceiling showerhead. However, make sure you check all the regulations before you install this, just to be sure.

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