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Easy DIY maintenance for your sash windows

Easy DIY maintenance for your sash windows

Sash windows are one of the best-looking windows that is a mixture of contemporary and a traditional look. Sash windows can however look really good if they are well maintained. Here are a few DIY maintenance tips that you can follow for your sash windows.

Sash windows- a mixture of culture and heritage

Sash windows are aesthetically and functionally pleasing. They can however stand the test of time and last for a long time if they are properly maintained. Here are some simple maintenance procedures that can help to keep your windows in place for a long time.

Testing your windows for lead paint

It is really important to test your windows for lead paint. You can avail a self-test kit from the local paint store and this can be done with the help of a local technician. After everything is positive:

  • Remove either part of the parting bead to free the upper sash. Carefully saw through the nails with a saw so that the beads are well cleaned. Remove the upper sash very carefully and see that it is not fixed in place. A good double hang window allows the upper sash to come down. If you leave equal openings at the top and the bottom, warm air exits and cool air is drawn from below.

Scraping away the loose glazing compound

Now when both the sashes are absolutely free, scrape away all loose glazing substances from the exterior side. You can take the help of a heat gun. You can remove the glass if it is broken as well. Remove the glaze points and the broken glass would come out. If you find that the window has rotted, then try and remove any other soft material and use a plastic to flush all the epoxy flush. After completing the work on all your windows, the rubbish will certainly build up. So contact CJL services and get it all sorted before you regret doing it all by yourself! There are various Sash windows hackney that can be well maintained. After the epoxy has been cleared, scrap all the remaining remnants and paint both the sashes but leave all the sides unpainted.

Replace the glass and press the glazier point

You can replace the glass the press the glazier points to hold the glass in place. Also, remove the interior stops by unscrewing and prying. Now that the stops are totally off, the lower sash would come out. Glaze in the glass on the exterior side of the sash with glazing compounds and a glazing tool. Clean the glazing lines to get an even pressure on the tool against the glass and against the wood as well. Apply a coat of paint to the glazing after it dries up. It may take around 15 days for the glazing to dry up well. Paint the sash before applying the glazing as bare wood will suck the oil from the glazing compound and thus it may crack.

Preparing the frame

When your sashes are almost ready to install, prepare the frame. Try and gain access to the counterweight pocket inside the window frame. You can pass the new sash chord through the pulley and tie the end to the counterweight. The chord should be long enough so that the sash is left open. You or the window specialists can either do this.

Sash windows require less maintenance, which can be done by you. You can however take help of a specialist for the same.

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